Why The Combo Ramada Pavilion Makes The Best Pool House

Combo Ramada Pavlion

When the summer season is upon us and with the hot weather in Florida, we seek refuge by the poolside. But what is a poolside without a pavilion or a pool house to complete the area? A combo ramada pavilion is the perfect choice for any homeowner looking to elevate their poolside experience.

The combo ramada pavilion is a versatile structure that is part shed and part pavilion. The shed side can be used for storage or a pool house and can also house the pool filter, pool tools, chemicals and more. The pavilion side can be used as a refuge from the hot sun, rainy weather or to just provide a bit of shade when you need it.

Both the shed and pavilion overhang are customizable in size, shape, and design. Both offering the opportunity for additional features for a true multi-purpose pool house/storage/beverage station/lounging area/BBQ dining pool side, or whatever you can imagine. It can be built for exactly what you need and more!

We’ll be highlighting the six key reasons why a combo ramada is the best pool house pavilion and why you should definitely consider it for your pool area.

Protection from Sun and Rain

A combo ramada pavilion comes with a pavilion roof that extends over an open area, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors and your pool without the harsh sun rays beating down on you. Additionally, in case of unexpected rains, the pavilion exterior provides adequate shelter and protection from the elements.

With the combo ramada, you don’t need to worry about having a pool party get ruined from the sudden downpour; instead, you can continue hosting your guests comfortably under the pavilion’s protection.

Additionally, all your patio furniture and will stay dry and have less sunlight fading. And all your BBQ food stays protected so everyone can continue to enjoy themselves even with a sudden down pour.

Multiple Functions

The combo ramada pavilion serves multiple functions as a pool house and pavilion simultaneously. You can use the indoor section of the structure as a changing room, shower, restroom or even a bar area. And, how convenient would it be to have a bathroom in the pool house?  If your family and guests don’t have to dash through the house to use a restroom, that would be very beneficial for any pool owner.

The open pavilion area can be used for dining, hosting poolside parties, or simply relaxing in the shade. It’s a great addition for those who love outdoor living space or need a more extensive entertainment area for their guests.

Additional Storage Space

With the combo ramada pavilion, you won’t need to worry about your pool equipment and accessories hogging up indoor spaces and cluttering up your house or yard. The interior of the ramada can serve as an extra storage space for your pool toys, towels, and dining accessories.

The great thing about having it custom built is that the shed/storage part of the combo ramada as well as the extended pavilion roof can be made to whatever size you’d like. So, you could have a larger interior shed room that can even store additional garden and lawn items too, making it a true outdoor storage shed as well as using some of the space for your pool house, restroom, cooking supplies etc.  By adding some shelves or storage cabinets to keep items organized, you’ll enjoy having everything kept inside, dry, and secure.

Low Maintenance and High Durability

Investing in a combo ramada pavilion is an excellent decision for homeowners because it is relatively low maintenance and durable. Built with sturdy and high-quality materials, an outdoor structure like a combo ramada will give you years of stress-free and comfortable outdoor living. You won’t need to worry about painting, sealing or even repairing damage caused by extreme weather conditions.

The combo ramada pavilion is durable, built to last, environmentally friendly, and beautiful in architectural design creating a family destination to be enjoyed for years to come.

Custom-made For Your Home

Combo ramada pavilions are available in a range of customizable options – from size, color, exterior and interior design structure, roofing style, ceiling work to lighting plans. You can have a pavilion that’s uniquely designed to blend into your home’s architecture and tailored to your specific needs and style preferences.

When choosing to have a custom combo ramada pavilion built you have so many choices. You could have not one but two pavilion extensions depending on the positioning on your property. You might have a pool side pavilion, and a backside pavilion that looks out onto a lake view, woods, or a garden. The custom choices are endless.

In addition, a custom combo ramada pavilion has options for adding windows, double glass doors, or an additional side or back door for double access. You can store all your pool chemicals, filters, and supplies under lock in key around the backside while having a separated pool house area keeping the pool supplies safe and stored away.

Adds Value To Your Property

A combo ramada pavilion is a significant investment as it aesthetically enhances your outdoor space and adds value to your property. The pavilion can instantly attract prospective home buyers and increase the resale value of your home. With a combo ramada, you’re not only investing in the enjoyment of your home, but also in its overall worth.

Living in hot climates means most homeowners invest in a pool to keep cool especially during the summer months, but any real estate agent will tell you that adding a pool house and pavilion combo could make your home a top selling feature. And if you have no intention of moving, you’ve added functional value to your home regardless.


A combo ramada pavilion is an ideal choice for homeowners who loves to entertain and wants to elevate the poolside experience. With its combined benefits of comfort, low maintenance, versatility, and customizability, investing in a combo ramada is truly a decision you won’t regret. It not only enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor space, but it adds significant value to your property and promotes a wholesome and welcoming environment for your friends and family. So instead of endlessly searching for the perfect poolside pavilion, invest in a combo ramada – the perfect combination of function and style.