Thinking Of Adding A Pavilion To Your Restaurant Or Venue? Here Are 8 Reasons To Consider

As a venue owner or restaurateur, you know that keeping your guests comfortable and well attended is key to ensuring repeat business. One fantastic way to achieve this is by adding an outdoor pavilion to your venue. Not only will it add additional seating, but it also offers a unique way to wow your guests with outdoor dining or an elegant event under the stars. In this blog post, we outline eight reasons why you should consider adding a pavilion to your restaurant or venue.

Create Outdoor Dining That Adds Ambiance

Adding a pavilion can give your guests access to a unique outdoor dining experience. Decorate the pavilion with twinkling lights and even a cozy fireplace, and you’ll have a guest enjoying ambiance that will keep your customers coming back for more. So, if you have the outdoor space available to install a pavilion whether its on the lawn, an extension of your building or in the parking lot, make it cozy and intimate. Adding overhead lighting and ceiling fans will keep the air moving and guests comfortable.

Serve More Guests Per Day By Adding More Tables

By installing a pavilion, you’ll be able to serve more guests per day. With more outdoor seating, you can easily accommodate large groups, allowing them to comfortably spread out and enjoy their meal. If you have the space to add a good size pavilion, think about how many more tables you can add to the space and how much you’ll earn serving more guests per day to off set the costs of the build. Depending on the size you choose you could add picnic style tables, round tables, or smaller rectangle tables that can be pushed together to create a larger seating area quickly when needed.

Host Private Events

Host private events outside while serving regular guests inside. With an outdoor pavilion, you can host private events like bridal showers and business events outside while still serving your regular guests, giving you additional revenue streams.

If you typically just have a restaurant serving at meal time and are thinking about adding planned events to your restaurant, then adding space outside could be a good solution to get started into event hosting. From birthday parties, graduations, business advents, or bridal and baby showers, creating a special outdoor space could bring a whole new adventure to your restaurant.

Be Prepared For Social Distancing

With the recent 2020 pandemic, it’s essential to be prepared for social distancing mandates, particularly when it comes to restaurants and venues. By adding an outdoor pavilion, you’ll still be able to serve guests outdoors and meet social distancing requirements.

We’ve all experienced how difficult social distancing was for restaurants, many had to close their doors because they didn’t have enough square footage to meet social distancing mandates and make the profits work when bringing in less money per day. Not only would you be prepared if that ever happened again, but you’d be serving more guests every day going forward with a fun, and cozy outdoor experience.

Book More Weddings/Events Per Day

For venues that host weddings or company events, adding an outdoor pavilion gives guests more options for outdoor wedding bookings per day or outdoor events in general. It expands the possibilities for your venue, allowing you to push your business to the next level.

A lot of couples really enjoy having an outdoor wedding experience especially if you design your outdoor pavilion with all things romantic wedding appropriate. For instance, having a beautiful fireplace to cozy up the evening hours, a nook for a DJ to set up with electrical outlets, an outdoor bar is a must, and you could offer BBQ Grilled food to easily serve guests banquet style with all the sides and fixings available for serve yourself.  And don’t forget to leave room for dancing the night away.

A Perfect Outdoor Bar Pavilion

Adding an outdoor Bar Pavilion is an added bonus. It’s perfect for guests waiting for a table to dine inside, or guests can visit the bar/pavilion for drinks after dinner in a beautiful outdoor setting.  We all know what it’s like to wait for a table at a restaurant on a busy night.

How awesome it would be to have an outdoor pavilion with a bar, set up small tables and chairs with complimentary snacks while you wait for your table. Add a fireplace for evening enjoyment, pipe in some music, and offer late night appetizers for late night or lingering guests. Afterall, you want your dinner guests to move on so you can serve the next party, having additional entertainment outside could be why guests keep coming back!


Rainy Days Won’t Affect Your Take-Out Window Restaurant

For those owning a takeout window business, adding a pavilion outside gives guests a place to eat without worrying about the rain. This way, customers can savor their food without leaving your venue.

If you have a take-out window type of business like ice cream, burgers, or seafood plates, while you probably have a few picnic tables set up outside, it could really change the tone of your establishment to have a covered space for all those quick rain showers that come unexpectedly.

Giving your guests a sheltered place to eat all that awesome food that you’re know for could be very advantageous. You don’t really need a server as it’s a take out window, but you’ll need to wipe down tables and clean up the area.  Add some picnic tables, a candle on the tables, maybe allow BYOB options? The atmosphere could bring more guests without really breaking the bank.


Roof Top Deck Pavilion

Adding a unique venue appeal to your in-town restaurant by adding a roof top deck with a pavilion will certainly bring the restaurant’s cool factor up a few notches. An outdoor pavilion’s added appeal will help your venue stand out from the competition. Your guests will talk about it for weeks to come and will set your restaurant apart from others in the area.

A lot of in town restaurants have very little room to expand the size of their venue or host more guests. If you have this type of restaurant, chances are you offer entertainment by hosting a local open mike night or just an acoustic small piece band in the corner of the bar and you have lines waiting outside the door to get in and get a table. Why not add a roof top deck with a pavilion for guests to wait for their table? Provide a small bar set up, music, add some fresh baked bread and dipping sauce while guests wait comfortably (not out on the street!) for their table.


Adding an outdoor pavilion to your restaurant or venue is an excellent way to improve sales, boost your venue’s appeal, and add a compelling reason for guests to dine at your location. Whether it’s to accommodate more guests, host events, or improve outdoor dining, a pavilion is a worthy investment for any restaurant or venue owner. We hope the eight reasons we’ve outlined in this post inspire you to consider adding a pavilion to your establishment.