The Benefits of Building a Quality Custom Built Garage with NE Outdoor Florida

King Series Custom Garage FL

Owning a home or business is a dream come true for most people, and as you strive to make your building look elegant and fitting, you may overlook the value of deciding on who to hire for garage. One thing that you should consider putting on top of your priority list is choosing a sturdy, durable, and quality custom-built garage.

NEO Florida has been custom building quality garages and structures since 1960, with three generations of our family owned and operated business. Our quality products surpassing the competition, our selections are vast and custom matching our structures to your homes quality from roof, windows, doors, and siding, we build to suit your needs and wants.

Here is a few reasons why you should choose us when you need a custom built garage. We’ve provided links for your convenience to our products and services.

We Manage Your Entire Project

At NEO Florida, we understand how challenging it can be to hire different trades to construct your garage. Thus, we manage everything from start to finish, ensuring that you have a stress-free experience while we construct your dream garage.

Whether you need space to park your car, a workshop, storage space, finished living space (ADU) or even garage/office space, we have a garage design for just what you need and more.

Top-Quality Product

We take pride in delivering high-quality products, which surpass the competition. Our experienced professionals use quality materials to ensure that the structure withstands time and weather elements. A quality garage not only improves your property’s aesthetics, but it also provides the needed functionality and protection for your vehicles and equipment. And rest assure that when we build your garage or detached garage you will be adding great curb appeal and value to your property.

From the Ground Up, There is No Comparison! Take a look at our comparison chart of Us vs Our Competitors.

Complete Custom Design

At NEO Florida, we understand that every homeowner has unique preferences and style. Therefore, we provide a complete custom design garage service. We encourage our clients to express what they need, and we build what they want from the ground up.

Our custom design service ensures that the garage is not only functional but also fits the style, color, and appearance of the main building. NE Outdoor Florida offers a wide range of custom and prefabricated garages at affordable prices.

What’s Your Style Garage?

Choosing the right style garage can be daunting, especially if you are not familiar with the various styles. Most customers like to match their home or buildings style, and some choose a style simply based on how they will utilize their new garage space.

NE Outdoor Florida offers a wide range of custom and prefabricated garages at affordable prices including: The Truss Series, The Attic Truss Series, The King Series, The Empire Series, The Gambrel Series, and The 2 Story Series. Each of these styles has unique features, which you can select based on your preference and budget. Check out the garage series styles.

Choose Your Colors and Material

The garage’s material and color selection are essential for improving your property’s look and value. With NEO Florida, you have a wide range of choices that fit your style, budget, and preference. We offer different types of siding, windows, roofing, shutter materials, and colors to ensure that you can choose what fits your property’s budget. Special order is also available.

Special Feature Options

We know that beyond creating a functional and safe garage, there are other unique features you may need to customize to match your style. That is why we offer special features such as cupolas, weathervanes, and extended pergola overhangs. These features not only make your garage unique but also improve its appearance and function.

We Get the Job Done Fast

One thing that makes us stand out from our competitors is our quick turnaround time. Our professionals work with speed and efficiency, so you can start using your garage before most contractors even have them framed! We ensure that quality is not compromised by the speed of delivery.

Multiple Financing Options Available

We understand that home improvement projects can be costly, and that is why we provide multiple financing options to cater to our clients’ needs. We have several payment options, making it easier than ever to purchase your new structure.

These finance programs provide flexible payment plans, allowing you to choose the option that works best for your budget. Whether you prefer to pay over time or rent to own, you can find an option that fits your needs.


In conclusion, building a custom garage from NEO Florida comes with numerous benefits that include quality product, custom design, multiple financing options, fast turnaround time, special features, and wide material and style selection. As you consider boosting your property’s functionality and aesthetics, don’t overlook the value of choosing a custom-built garage.

With our three generations of experience, we guarantee quality and professionalism at every level. Contact us today and let us help you realize your dream garage. We’d love to meet you and get started on your project!