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N.E. Outdoor has been leading the way with high quality custom built pavilions, pergolas and gazebos for both residential and commercial use. Our high-end pavilions come in a wide variety of styles and your choice of PT pine, cedar or vinyl. Our pavilions are built to order exactly how you need it so it will be the perfect addition to your property for years of enjoyment.

Nothing will enhance the naturally attractive quality of your property more than this lovely gathering place. Add a few outdoor couches and chairs or fill the space with a table and some barbecuing equipment; either way, it is the ideal haven for your family and friends on a Sunday afternoon. Here, in the shade of the pavilion, you will be refreshed by the breeze and enamored with the dancing sunlight around you. There is no better place to rest, be rejuvenated, and prepare for the week ahead.

We know that every person has their own style and every area is unique. Because we want to ensure that you love every part of your pavilion, we give you the chance to custom build your own. Choose from our variety of sizes, colors, posts, and roofing options to create your perfect pavilion. Whether you prefer a sturdy wooden material or want something more convenient like vinyl, you are sure to find a style that will match your space and your personality.


What Do Our Customers Say?

If you’re looking for a way to add beauty and function to your backyard, you might want to consider purchasing a custom pavilion for your property. These structures can provide the perfect place for outdoor dining or relaxing with friends and family. Here is a look at some of the biggest benefits of adding a new pavilion structure to your property.

Increased Usefulness

No other type of custom construction provides the beauty and function of a pavilion. A custom pavilion will enhance the beauty of your outdoor living spaces while adding function and form to the space that you can use and enjoy year round.

Increased Property Value:

Adding a custom pavilion to your property can increase your property value by adding more useable space that is attractive to home buyers.

More Privacy

The custom pavilion provides an excellent place for outdoor dining and entertaining guests. The solid roof of a pavilion helps add a bit or privacy to your outdoors.

Backyard Entertainment

A custom pavilion also gives you an excellent place to host backyard barbecues, birthday parties or other special events where guests will need access to a private space where they can relax and visit without having to leave the area or get up from their seat. Add a custom outdoor kitchen, fireplace and/or big screen television for even more entertainment options.

Protection From the Elements

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a custom pavilion is that it protects you from the harsh sun and unpredictable rain you can encounter on any given day in Florida. Your pavilion will also protect the furniture and fixtures within it while providing the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your space as much as possible.

Protected Your Valuable Plants

Your pavilion will also provide your tropical plants and vegetables with the perfect amount of sunlight they need to thrive, while protecting them from damaging winds and harsh temperatures that might occur when you’re not home or if the property is unoccupied for long periods of time.

Safe Play Area

If you have children playing in your backyard, a custom pavilion will provide a safe place where they can play without worrying about them getting too much sun or being out in the rain.


Your custom pavilion can also stand up to heavy winds and damaging storms with ease. Our pavilions are built to stand the test of time with only the very best materials available.

Easy Maintenance

Depending on what materials you choose for your new pavilion, they will require very little maintenance during its lifetime. Vinyl pavilions require the least amount of care while wood pavilions will require occasional maintenance such as paint or stain when needed.