Outdoor Lighting Options For Your Home & Garden

If you enjoy your outdoor space as much as I do and you can’t wait to spend time in your backyard each weekday evening and you spend your weekends tinkering in your garden and special hang out area, then read on for some fun ideas to light up your backyard. Lighting really does make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your space that can be enjoyed way past sundown.

When it comes to sprucing up your home and garden, outdoor lighting can make a huge difference. Not only does it provide an extra layer of safety for your family, but it can also add the perfect finishing touch to any landscape or architectural design. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of outdoor lighting available so you can find the right fit for your home and garden.

Wall-Mounted Lights 

Wall-mounted lights are typically used as accent pieces that help draw attention to certain elements of your garden. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional lanterns to modern fixtures with built-in LEDs. Depending on where they’re placed, wall-mounted lights can be used to highlight a particular feature such as a statue or fountain, fencing and on your house and garage or simply brighten up an otherwise dark area.

Solar mounted lights are easy to install than hard wired lights but have less control of output if it’s been a rainy day. They also need to have direct sunshine to be effective, so if you have a very shady property then you should choose hardwired lights. The alternative is to use solar lights with a hook or way of hanging your lights in full sun during the day and then move them to the areas you need at night time such as your fence or deck area.

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights are designed to light up pathways, driveways, staircases, decks, and other areas that need regular illumination at night. These lights usually come in two main varieties: solar powered and wired (which will require you to run electrical wiring). Solar powered pathway lights are great for those who don’t want the hassle of dealing with wiring, while wired pathway lights offer more options when it comes to brightness levels and colors.

There are so many choices for pathway lights from built in to the ground with bricks, to solar stake lighting following the pathway to your door, or backyard. I have purchased many different types of solar lights and I have found that it’s best to check if the solar lights have a double AA battery that can be replaced, otherwise the solar light will eventually go out and you have to just throw it away.


Spotlight are best used for highlighting larger features such as trees or sculptures in your garden. They come in both solar powered and wired variants, so again you have the option of going with whichever one is most convenient for you. Spotlights are also available in a variety of colors so you can customize them to match the style of your home or garden.

Try using a spot light at the base of larger trees around your property. If your tree has a cut out bed with bark mulch than adding a spot light really makes a statement. In conjunction with other porch lights, and pathway lights your property will look stately and magical with all the combined, subtle lighting.

Deck Lighting

If you want an inviting deck that can be enjoyed into the evening hours and the backdoor lighting is not enough or lights it up too much then add some deck mounted solar lights to the deck rails and stairway steps. If you have a structure above your deck, then hang some paper lantern lights as well. Add some larger scale candles in glass jars at different heights- the combined effect is like a fireplace of lights. Something to look at all the flickering candle lights and enjoy the subdued atmosphere. Another way to light up your deck and create a little privacy is with large potted shrubs, Ficus or lemon tree plants and add white string lights for a trendy restaurant feel.

Hardscape Lighting

Rock walls, patio blocks, retaining walls are all great opportunities to add some lighting for evening ambiance. Hardscape lighting can instantly transform any outdoor space, bringing a touch of magic to your evening gatherings. Whether you opt for gentle accent lighting highlighting the texture of a rock wall, subtle up-lighting beneath patio blocks, or concealed spotlights beneath a retaining wall, the right installation will make all the difference. Light fixtures adorned with frosted glass panels can provide diffused illumination and an interesting contrast against the shadows. Increase the wow factor by installing LED lamps for dynamic color changes – perfect for adding atmosphere when entertaining!

String & Net Lighting

Adding string lights across your patio or deck area really makes it feel festive. Include some net lighting around bushes or hang on a vertical wall, billowy curtain, or lattice.

String and net lighting are the easiest way to transform your yard into a dreamy wonderland. Make sure to pick up some string lights for your patio or deck-area and you’ll be amazed at the cozy, whimsical atmosphere you can create! To add something extra special, why not drape some net lighting around shrubs or hang them from a lattice or a billowy white curtain? It creates an enchanting, fairy-light-like ambiance that’s sure to wow any guest. It can create an instant fun atmosphere any day of the week.

Pergola & Pavilion Lighting

Adding lights to your pergola or pavilion can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your patio. If you want something a bit more romantic, you can have electrical outlets hardwired into the structure and outfit it with a ceiling fan with lights or an elegant chandelier. For a bit of whimsy, you can get creative by adding string lights down the back side for a fun vibe. Net string lights also look great draped over these structures and add just the right amount of light for any gathering!

Pool Or Water Feature Lighting

Light up your water features. Whether it’s for your pool, hot tub, or a beautiful water feature, they’re a great opportunity to extend your party through the night time fun with lighting.

There’s no denying the beauty of an outdoor nighttime gathering. Enhance that experience with some beautiful pool or water feature lighting! You can give your outdoor oasis a striking, classy upgrade by incorporating these unique lights around your hot tub, in your pool or in the fountain of a water feature. The possibilities are endless – you can set a mellow mood with ambient lights, create striking shadows with projected patterns, or make a big splash with colored water lights radiating through your Kio pond. With proper lighting, you can set just the right vibe to make any summer party go off without a hitch. Get ready to light up your summer nights and make memories to last a lifetime!

Solar Lights For Shady Backyards

If you have a shady backyard like I do it’s tough to get solar lights enough sunshine during the day to light up the night for more than a half hour.

My DYI for this is I use portable, single hanging solar lights. They are globe shaped and have a hanging feature. I place the solar lights in my front yard which gets more direct light, and then I move them to where I want them to light up on my back deck or in the garden. The other trick is I use old pots filled with dirt, and I use the stake solar lights in the pot. I add some peat moss on top of the dirt and sprig of baby’s breath, it looks very striking with a black pot, solar light and the tiny white flowers. Best of all, the pots sit in sunlight during the day, and I move them to where I need them for path lighting and such at night!


Outdoor lighting is an affordable way to add some extra flair and safety to your home and garden. From wall-mounted lights to spotlights, string lights and water feature lights there’s plenty of options available that can help bring out the best in any landscape design or architectural structure. So, if you’re looking for ways to spruce up your home and extend the outdoor evenings, then give outdoor lighting a try!