Cool Alternative Ways To Use A Pergola Or Pavilion

Are you tired of seeing the same old pergolas and pavilions in your neighbor’s backyard? It’s time to think outside the box and explore the cool alternative ways to use these structures. Pergolas and pavilions are not just for poolside lounging or outdoor kitchens but can also serve as a multi-functional addition to your home and garden. In this blog, we will take a closer look at some new and unique ways to utilize your pergolas or pavilions.


Extension from your Door

Have you considered attaching a pavilion to your front or back door? Not only does it provide additional space for indoor entertainment, but it also keeps your guests dry during rainy days.  Adding a pavilion to the front of your home creates an extension of the entryway allowing you to decorate with benches, chairs and some seasonal potted plants making a welcoming front entry. Adding one to the back door creates overhead protection from sun and rain allowing BBQing incident free of a passing storm while whipping up some dinner. No more mad dashes inside to seek shelter.

Combo Pavilions

Another creative use for a pavilion is to create a combo Ramada pavilion that includes indoor space like a shed or pool house, or outdoor bathroom. This is a great way to keep your pool area tidy while also providing a convenient space to store your pool equipment. Or simply having a shed as storage or work space and an overhang extending from the door outward for extra protection from the sun or rain while working on projects or doing some garden planting.

Covered Deck for the “She Shed”

Do you have a “she shed” in your backyard? Consider adding a pavilion to its front entrance as an extension for a deck sitting area. This is a perfect spot to sit and relax while enjoying your hobby or simply lounge with your friends. Whether you have an extended deck or a patio, your shed just got another room outside to add some extra patio furniture, hanging lights and plants. An indoor outdoor she shed will be the envy of your friends and neighbors to come over and relax under the pavilion.

Garage Pavilion Extension

Another option is to add a pavilion to your garage’s side door, providing extra dry parking or entertaining space outside. Depending on where your garage is located or how you currently use your garage there are several benefits to having a pavilion attached. If your garage is attached to your home then the space could easily be used for extra outdoor dry storage, or a fun picnic sitting area in the shade. If you have a detached garage and use it for working on cars, bikes, or other craft projects then an extended pavilion would give you that extra covered space for doing work outside that may come in handy if you are working with fumes from paint or gas that’s better suited for outdoors.


Pathway Pergola

Did you know that a pergola can serve as a pathway from your driveway to your backyard? Installing a pergola here serves a dual purpose – adding a unique outdoor feature to your home and guiding your guests from the street to your backyard with ease. Installing a patio walkway under the pergola will make for a lasting pathway. You and your guests will love having some beautiful flowering vines along the pergola as well as white fairy lights twinkling through the vines come dusk proving not only an attractive walkway but ensures guests can get to the driveway safely.

Hot Tub Shelter

If you have a hot tub in your yard, a pergola can be a great addition for shade and privacy. Add a solid or lattice wall to one side of your pergola and use decorative elements such as drapes or curtains to create a private oasis. Imagine soaking in your hot tub surrounded by nature, without feeling exposed to the outside world. A pergola is great for this purpose as it still lets in sunlight and the stars, but you’ll have a more intimate room-like- feel with a structure overhead and surrounding your hot tub sanctuary. Take it up a notch and add some large, tall plants to help screen any views from neighbors and give the space a more spa like feel.

Doorway Pergola to the Garden or Lakeside

Use an entry way pergola into the garden or wooded path to the lake. Having an archway pergola as a doorway that leads to somewhere else is just very enchanting to see and walk through. If your lucky to have property that abuts a water view, an open field or just entering into your private backyard sanctuary, it’s a fun and whimsical way to invite you in to see what’s on the other side. The pergola doorway is typically a great way to add flowering vines and lights to welcome guests to the next destination.

Garden Pergola: Feature with Purpose

A small pergola in your garden goes a long way. You can use it for growing vine plants and climbing vegetables like green beans, while sitting on a built-in bench for ease of gardening. It’s also an excellent place to relax, read a book, and simply enjoy the beauty of your garden. If you are an avid gardener at planting garden beds or growing some vegetables, you’ll love the added addition to your yard. Not only does it make an interesting structure to look at but creates a focal point and an outdoor room all at the same time. Of course, adding some solar lights and some seating like wrought iron chairs, a whimsical water features, and you’ll call it your “happy place” all season long.


There are many cool and alternative ways to use pergolas and pavilions. As you can see, these structures can provide much more than just outdoor lounging space. By installing them in creative ways around your property, you can add a unique element to your home while also extending your living space. If you are a homeowner looking to add a unique touch to your backyard, consider these alternative uses of pergolas and pavilions, and let your imagination take flight.