Choosing The Perfect Gazebo For Your Backyard

If you’ve been considering adding a gazebo to your backyard, you are in luck! There is a wide variety of gazebos available for purchase, and the best part is that there is sure to be one that fits the aesthetic of your own backyard. Whether you’re looking for an octagonal, oval, or rectangular gazebo, there are a few things to consider before making your purchase. Continue reading to learn more about how to choose the right gazebo for your backyard.

What Is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is a freestanding outdoor structure with a roof and sides that can be used for enjoyment and entertaining. Its shape often resembles an octagon or hexagon, connecting to create a covered area that leaves room for furniture or landscaping beneath. Gazebos come in many styles and heights, so you can find one unique to your needs. Whether you want a permanent fixture for your garden, an extra seating area for parties on the weekend, or a shaded spot to relax during the summer, a gazebo might be the perfect choice. With its classic look and impressive aesthetic, it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to add these gorgeous structures to their outdoor space.

How To Use Your Gazebo

Using a gazebo can take your outdoor living experience to the next level. Whether you’re interested in creating an intimate dining area with a BBQ grill or turning it into a cozy outdoor living room with oversize pillows and benches, the possibilities are endless. For those looking for more of a luxe escape, why not turn your gazebo into a hot tub oasis? With soft lighting, strings of fairy lights and plenty of plush accents, you can easily create a relaxation haven without ever leaving the comfort of your own backyard.

Material Selection

The first thing to consider when purchasing a gazebo is the material it will be made from. Most gazebos come in either vinyl or wood. Vinyl gazebos tend to last longer than wood due to their durability and strength and require less maintenance over time. However, wood provides a natural look that many people find appealing and can be easily painted or stained for added protection against weathering. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and budget constraints.

Size Matters

Gazebos also come in various sizes ranging from 8’x10′ up to 14’x24′ for an oval or rectangle gazebo, and 6’ to 16’ for an octagon shape. When selecting the size of your gazebo, it is important to consider where exactly you plan on placing it in your yard and how much space you have available. Additionally, take into account how many people will typically be using it as this will help determine whether or not you should opt for a larger size model.

Style Options

Selecting the style of your gazebo should be based largely on personal preference. Gazebos come in three main shapes – octagon, oval, and rectangular – all with their own unique appeal. Octagon-shaped gazebos provide more seating area than oval-shaped ones do but also take up more room; whereas rectangular models offer plenty of seating space but may look too large in smaller yards. Consider all three options before making your final decision!

Added Features

Give your backyard a classic, old-fashioned elegance with an updated twist. A beautiful gazebo is perfect for any outdoor space and can really make your yard stand out! With all the selection of added features available, you’ll be able to make the gazebo of your dreams without breaking the bank. Choose from flooring bases and interior ceiling finishes like vinyl, cedar, or pressure treated to get the perfect look. When it’s all done, top it off with the finishing touches like a roofing package, siding, posts, cupolas, and weathervanes. Or add some extra comfort with our handy screen packages and benches. And if you really want to use your structure as a hangout spot, why not try an electrical feature for fun lighting or other uses? With these features added on, your one-of-a-kind gazebo will be sure to wow everyone who sets foot in it – so get building today!

Landscaping Around Your Gazebo

Give your garden gazebo that extra something by landscaping around it. Maybe you’re feeling the need for more flowers, in which case adding some garden beds featuring a variety of lush and bright blooms is a great start. Some evergreens can be added to maintain color in the off season. Then, consider adding some solar lighting to make nighttime visits with friends an unforgettable experience. Finally, lay down a path from your gazebo either in stones or gravel for a convenient way to access it year-round. With such simple yet effective upgrades, you’ll be sure to have a stunning outdoor area for many years of enjoyment!


Choosing a new gazebo for your backyard can be an exciting task! With so many options available today – from material selection (vinyl vs wood) to shape (octagonal vs oval vs rectangular) – there are endless possibilities when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your outdoor space. Remember these tips when shopping around so that you make an informed decision that maximizes both style and functionality! Good luck!