Eclipse Hybrid Adjustable Pergola

Sun, Shade or Shelter – the choice is yours. The Eclipse Hybrid Adjustable Pergola is the perfect addition to any home or business, offering the benefits of both a light filtering pergola and the shelter of a pavilion in one. The adjustable louvers give you the freedom to adjust from fully open to fully closed, allowing you to get the most out of your pergola year round in just about any weather condition. The Eclipse Hybrid is rated for high snow loads and 150mph wind with the strongest louvers on the market.

The aluminum construction ensures less maintenance with a sleek modern look that is made in the USA and built to last. When fully closed, the louvers mimic a flat tongue-and-groove ceiling that is waterproof and looks beautiful. The tectonic arch design insulates radiant heat on hot summer days, and keeps the heat in on cold winter days.

If you’re looking for a pergola that gives you the freedom to adjust and control the amount of light, shade, and shelter that you need, then the Eclipse Hybrid is the perfect choice.

Pergola Specifications & Features

Measurements are based on top dimensions, not the bottom posts.  Standard sizes come in 2 foot increments. Custom sizes also available.

The Eclipse Hybrid offers less maintenance, better water control and a quiet and much longer lasting mechanism compared to other adjustable pergolas on the market.

Standard Features Include:

  • Stainless steel ball bearing rollers on both ends of the louver for a low friction, quiet and longer lasting mechanism
  • Crown molding shaped gutters—all other louvered roofs use a square gutter design
  • Tectonic arch design insulates radiant heat on hot summer days, and keeps the heat in on cold winter days
  • Bumper seal rubber gasket on each louver reduces noise when closing and creates a better seal to keep out water and sunlight
  • Innovative louver spring pins allow louvers to auto center and be removed if needed
  • 4 posts (notched) 102” long
  • 2 plain beams (cut to length)
  • 2 bearing beam assemblies (cut to length)
  • Pivot bar
  • Larger gutters for better water control, which use standard size leaf screens when needed
  • Gutters cut and mitered (4 pieces with gutter corner*)
  • Overhang cornice boards – 4 pieces with connectors
  • Louvers and installed gaskets.
  • Spring pins, mechanism hardware, and fasteners
  • Motor assembly with switch, power supply and waterproof box
  • 2 angle brackets per post

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