6 Alternative Ways To Use The Attic Truss Series Garage for more than Just Storage

Looking for an affordable garage that offers ample space and functionality? Look no further than the Attic Truss Series Garage. This A-frame style garage has 1.5 stories, making it ideal for those who need some extra space for storage and plenty of room to customize some entertainment space in a portion of the garage or all of it.  This garage is very versatile and can offer several ways to get more use out of the build.

The Attic Truss Series Garage is a good looking garage and it sort of resembles a small house if you will. The attic space is great for storage above, but it also looks very much like the pitch of a house roof. You can add some features that allows you to use this garage space as extra living space by adding big windows, slider doors, and even add an extended pavilion coming off one side to enjoy an outdoor covered space as well. And it ranges in size from 20’x24’ up to 28’x48’ so, with a larger size garage you could have garage space with a divided wall behind suitable parking spaces and then having your living space too. Other options are to use just one side of the garage for parking your car, and the other side for living space.

We thought it was worth another look at how this versatile garage series could be utilized. So here are six fun ways to make the most of your Attic Truss Series Garage, beyond just parking your car.

Custom BBQ Kitchen

If you love hosting backyard BBQs and other outdoor get-togethers, consider turning a portion of your garage into a custom kitchen and a two piece bathroom. Add countertops, a refrigerator, and a sink to create a functional kitchen for cooking up delicious meals. And a powder room to make a convenient guest bathroom for your parties would be great.  You can set up some picnic tables off a slider door and add an overhead roof for added protection and you’ll never have to worry about a quick rain storm driving everyone inside. And it’s convenient having all your weekend party food in the garage space rather than taking up all of your indoors kitchen’s fridge.

Game Night Bar Room

Turn your Attic Truss Series Garage into a spot to hang out and relax with friends and family. Create a game night bar room complete with a bar or keg, add a pool table, dart boards, pub tables, and a big TV for watching the games. Have a mini kitchen for cooking up some appetizers like an air fryer for wings and potato skins. You could have a slider door on one side that leads out to some tables with café umbrellas and string some lights and turn up the music for a fun bar feel. Why go out right? Invite the gang over and have a great night in with your besties. Add a bathroom for convenience so you don’t have to run back and forth between the house.

Personal Gym/Yoga Studio

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, transform your garage into a personal gym or yoga studio. Install rubber flooring, add mirrors, and set up all your workout equipment. You’ll have plenty of space to stretch, move, and get in a great workout. This is a great idea for the whole family to have fun and get fit with some weights, exercise equipment, even add a basketball hoop on the driveway side for more sports for everyone to enjoy. You could take it a step further and make a small sauna or hot tub area for after work-out relaxation time. The best part is you’ll never have to drive to the gym or pay the membership fees as you’ll have your very own gym right at your own home.

Home Office

If you work from home and you’ve been considering an addition or renting office space, or you have a home based business that is taking over your homes living spaces then consider the addition of a garage/office space.  You can create a peaceful home office in your Attic Truss Series Garage. With the extra space provided by the attic trusses you’ll still have plenty of room for storage and you’ll have plenty of room for a desk, chairs, and all your office equipment. You’ll love being able to separate your work from your home life, all while saving money on rent for an office/workshop space outside of your home.

ADU for Extra Income

Looking for a way to make some extra income? Add an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to your custom built garage. With a separate entrance, bathroom, and kitchenette, you can rent out the space for extra money each month. With a few modifications, this garage can become a valuable asset to your property. Depending on the how large of a garage you choose, you could easily have a one car garage and have plenty of space for an ADU with it’s own entrance off the side and it could include half the attic space for storage for the renter. What’s great about an ADU is that it can also be used as an In-law-suite, a guest house or temporary housing for your adult child to rent before buying a home of their own. And at any point you can rent it out for extra income for years to come.

Workshop/Craft Space

Finally, if you’re a DIY-er or crafter, turn your new garage into a workshop or craft space. Install shelving, cabinets, and a workbench for all your tools and supplies. You’ll have plenty of space to create, build, and store all of your projects. If you’ve been doing projects in your unfinished basement or kitchen and really need to expand and organize your workspace an Attic Truss Series Garage could be the solution and a place to park your cars too. With all the extra storage space in the attic, large windows, and doors you’ll enjoy having a home for all your supplies and to work in an open airy workshop.


The Attic Truss Series Garage is a versatile space that can be transformed into so much more than just a place to park your car. With extra space provided by the attic trusses, this garage is ideal for creating custom kitchens, game night bar rooms, personal gyms, home offices, AUD units, and workshop spaces. We hope you feel inspired to make the most of your Attic Truss Series Garage and turn it into a space that suits your unique needs and lifestyle.