10 Ways to Decorate & Personalize Your Pergola or Pavilion

When it comes to transforming your outdoor space, a pergola or pavilion can be the perfect way to create an area for entertaining and relaxation. Whether you’re looking to host small dinners or just laze around in the sun, these structures are a great addition that can be personalized and decorated in many ways. Let’s explore some creative ideas for decorating and personalizing your outdoor structure.

Hang String Lights

One of the most popular ways to decorate your pergola or pavilion is with string lights. String lights come in all shapes and sizes, from simple white LED lights to multicolored fairy lights. They can be hung from the rafters, walls, and posts of your structure for a cozy ambience that’s perfect for nighttime gatherings and events.

Install Patio Furniture

If you’re looking to create a spot for lounging on sunny days, consider installing patio furniture underneath your outdoor structure. This can be anything from lounge chairs and ottomans to sofas and tables—whatever fits best into your budget! Plus, you don’t have to worry about rain making it uncomfortable as the roof of your pavilion will protect it from getting wet outside.

Hang Planters & Flower Boxes

Spruce up the look of your pergola by adding planters and flower boxes along the edges of its roof. This will add some color and texture while also making it smell nicer when flowers are blooming in summertime! You can even hang them from the rafters if you want a more rustic look as opposed to having them simply sit on top of the roof beams.

Add Curtains Or Screens

If you want more privacy without sacrificing light or air flow, consider installing curtains or screens around your outdoor structure. This will offer an extra layer of protection while still allowing natural light and air circulation through windows on either side of the walls/rafters (depending on which type of structure you have). It’s also a great way to add some color to match any existing décor in nearby areas like patios or decks!

Add Artwork

Another option for sprucing up your pergola is adding artwork such as wall hangings, metal sculptures or stained glass pieces along its rafters or walls. These types of decorations give character to any space while also being relatively easy (and inexpensive!) To install–just make sure they fit securely before suspending them from hooks in order to not risk damage during windy weather conditions!

Add A Garden Bed Surround

Adding a garden bed can be the crowning touch to your pergola or pavilion. It will create a lush, inviting area that looks beautiful all year round. With a few simple design choices, you can make your garden bed look like it was created just for your outdoor space. When choosing plants and decorations for the bed, stick to one theme to create a cohesive and consistent look. You can go modern with bright flowers, natural with wood details, or even rustic with bins of aromatic herbs. Whatever you choose, your guests are sure to love the extra elements in your pergola or pavilion space!

Install A Koi Pond

Installing a koi pond near your pergola or pavilion is an amazing way to transform the area into a beautiful, peaceful place. A simple koi pond can draw attention away from an eyesore and add a tranquil environment for you to enjoy in your backyard. The pond can bring about serenity and a sense of Zen that cannot be achieved any other way. From graceful koi swimming between exotic plant life, to cascading waterfalls spilling into tiny bodies of aquatic life – adding a koi pond near your pergola will create vibrancy and liveliness to any outdoor space. Not only that, but seeing these ponds often remind us of our Japanese culture and the timeless beauty it brings with it!

Add A Fireplace Feature Wall

If you want to add a little extra spark to your pergola or pavilion, why not try installing a fireplace feature wall? It can be used either as an outdoor party conversation starter or simply create a cozy atmosphere while relaxing outdoors. Not only will it make the mood more pleasant, but it will also add some character to the space. You can customize your fireplace feature wall with different design options like stone work and stonework accents.

In addition to a cozy wood burning fireplace wall, consider adding a pizza oven next to it, for cooking fire roasted pizza for your family and guests! A fireplace feature wall is guaranteed to make any summer night memorable!

Install A Vertical Herb & Salad Garden

Adding a vertical herb and salad garden to your pergola or pavilion is a great way to save space while still reaping the rewards of growing your own food. Not only does it look attractive, but you’ll have access to salads and herbs straight from nature. With the right plan and materials, you can lay out shelves for each type of plant which will make harvesting easier – ensuring fresh produce for dinner every night! If you’re feeling daring, why not add some edible flowers into the mix? By bringing life and color to your outdoor area, it will certainly stand out from the crowd – making your garden as unique as you are.

Add A Sports Themed Wall

Invite your friends over to enjoy game night in style! Outfit your pavilion with a sports-themed wall to show off your team spirit and revel in the excitement of the big games. You’re sports pub zone will make sure no one misses on a fun night outside. Set up a big-screen TV for marathon viewing sessions, and add in a couple of dart board games with chalk board score keeping so you can really get into the heart of some friendly competition. Top it off with pub tables and kegerator of your favorite brew so that no one is ever without an ice cold beer in hand.


Decorating and personalizing an outdoor structure like a pergola or pavilion is much easier than one might think! From installing patio furniture and hanging planters & flower boxes all the way up to adding artwork & curtains/screens, fireplace, or water feature there are plenty of options available so that you can create an area that’s both comfortable & beautiful at the same time! With these 10 tips in mind, let’s get started creating our own little paradise outdoors today!